Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I purchase a FunnelWeb Filter?

You can buy on line through our secure checkout or ask your local motorcycle dealer.


Why the spiky foam profile?

The filter’s pyramid foam profile increases the surface area of the filter by around 100%.This allows the filter to trap & hold far more dirt on its much larger outer surface meaning longer service intervals whilst maintaining optimum air flow.


Should I apply grease to the seal?

Yes. Applying a bead of grease to the filter seal will ensure an air tight / water tight fit. Grease is much easier to apply and clean off our urethane seals than with foam seals.


What should I use to oil the filter?

A dedicated foam filter oil, not a lubricant. Filter oils are generally designed to be very tacky to resist draining from the foam and more importantly are better able to trap and hold dirt in the foam for a longer period. The filter oils using thinning agents are usually the easiest to apply.


How should I oil the Funnelweb Filter?

Completely immerse the filter in filter oil and squeeze out any excess. This is the only way to ensure the filter is completely oiled. Refer to our maintenance section on this website.


What advantage does the moulded seal have?

The seals have been designed to fit the air box and the filter frame.They are injection moulded from urethane to be a precise fit and will not stretch out of shape.


How do I know when to clean the filter?

The filter will require servicing if there are any dry areas appearing on its surface. This is an indication the dust has built up in that area and is migrating into the oiled foam.


What should I use to clean the filter?

Any dedicated foam filter cleaner, water based degreaser or mineral turpentine.